Hayes Amplification

Vintage Tube Amplifier Repair & Restoration - Custom Built Amplifiers

Tube Master Lil Jenny 1X12 combo  $1,700.00


Tube Master Lil Jenny 2X12   30 watt   $1,995.00

The Mini-Verb  1X15 Combo  40 watt  $1,800.00

The Purple Hayes Head and 2X12 cab  $2,000.00

Tube Master 2X12  85 watt head with cab   $2,500.00

Tube Master 2X12  85 watt head and cab  $2,500.00

tube master 410 combo  45 watt  $2,750.00

Tube Master Lil Jenny 1X15 Combo 40 watt  $1,800.00

The Bluze Boy Phat 40watt  1X15 combo $1,995.00









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